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Please fill out this form and we will consider your donation request and get back with you. Due to NCAA rules, we are unable to honor requests that would benefit students (or their families) in grades 9-12 (grades 7-12 for items related to men's basketball). Additionally, if you are a nonprofit agency that expends benefits for prospective student-athletes, we cannot provide any items related to men's basketball. Currently, we are able to consider requests for tickets to our ticketed sporting events (football, men's basketball, women's basketball, women's volleyball). Requests for other items will not be considered. Requests must be at least 14 days prior to event. Thank you for your interest in Weber State Athletics and Go Wildcats!

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Will funds raised from any item we donate be earmarked to benefit a specific person or group of people who are in grades 9-12?
Has your organization ever contributed funds or services to any AAU, club, or other non-scholastic basketball team or organization?
If yes to above, please explain.
Have you previously communicated with a Weber State Athletics employee about this request?
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