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Weber State Compliance Office Mission

Implement ~ Educate ~ Monitor

The Weber State Compliance Office is committed to uphold the rules and regulations of the
National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Big Sky Conference and Weber State; to monitor
the processes and activities associated with such rules and regulations; and to educate institutional
staff members, student-athletes and external constituents regarding such rules, regulations, processes
and activities.

The Compliance Office has a three part mission which outlines its commitment to each of its

1) Implement: Responsible for the development and implementation of programs to assist all
individuals within the Athletics Department, Weber State community, boosters and
alumni. These programs allow all individuals the opportunity to become involved in the
success of Weber State athletics while functioning within the rules and regulations of the
University, NCAA and appropriate conference.

2) Educate: The Compliance Office is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to
all campus constituencies. Educational opportunities include interpretive support,
documentation, publication, brochures, presentations and other methods which can best
help individuals create and maintain a culture of compliance.

3) Monitor: Designed to monitor all aspects of the athletic program to ensure compliance,
the Compliance Office identifies and reports all instances in which compliance has not
been achieved and affirms that appropriate corrective actions are taken.

It is the responsibility of every individual within the Athletics Department to maintain competency in the knowledge of rules, to act within his or her realm of responsibility in full compliance with the rules and to report any violations of the rules. It is the responsibility of the Office of Athletics Compliance to provide educational programs to ensure that all members of the Department have the tools necessary to remain committed. While it is the responsibility of all individuals to stay up-to-date on all rules and regulations, the Weber State Compliance Office reminds everyone to ASK BEFORE YOU ACT!


Compliance Contacts

Will Pridemore - Director of Compliance
(801) 626-8552

Weber State Athletics